This week was Mischa (my boyfriend)’s birthday and it was so lovely to have some proper time off to actually do stuff that we wouldn’t normally do.


The Pig on the Beach is somewhere that we’ve wanted to go for absolutely ages but it’s a little far out from where we live, so we’ve never really gotten around to it. After a birthday breakfast with Mischa’s dad we hopped in the car and headed over, and it was so worth it. We loved it so much. So chilled, so gorgeous and so relaxing.

IMG_0955It’s basically a hotel, by the beach, with animals, gardens, a restaurant and treatments. You can stay in little huts or cottages which are scattered over the land or just go for the food and drinks like we did. The garden is huge with tables, benches and sun loungers and it overlooks the sea.


Being honest, it was a bit pricy but for a special occasion it’s definitely worth it. The staff were super friendly and helpful and the food and drinks were delicious. They have a bar and pizza oven in the garden where you can get the best flatbreads.

Once we’d spent a couple of hours in the garden we took a walk around the grounds. It’s so beautiful, there are paths that take you through the fields of sheep, pigs and chickens down towards the sea to a little beach. You can make the walk as long as you like and it was so peaceful, we really enjoyed it.


After our walk we caught a little chain ferry home before a quick change, food and a lot of cocktails. Happy birthday, Mischa!

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