This week was Mischa (my boyfriend)’s birthday and it was so lovely to have some proper time off to actually do stuff that we wouldn’t normally do.


The Pig on the Beach is somewhere that we’ve wanted to go for absolutely ages but it’s a little far out from where we live, so we’ve never really gotten around to it. After a birthday breakfast with Mischa’s dad we hopped in the car and headed over, and it was so worth it. We loved it so much. So chilled, so gorgeous and so relaxing.

IMG_0955It’s basically a hotel, by the beach, with animals, gardens, a restaurant and treatments. You can stay in little huts or cottages which are scattered over the land or just go for the food and drinks like we did. The garden is huge with tables, benches and sun loungers and it overlooks the sea.


Being honest, it was a bit pricy but for a special occasion it’s definitely worth it. The staff were super friendly and helpful and the food and drinks were delicious. They have a bar and pizza oven in the garden where you can get the best flatbreads.

Once we’d spent a couple of hours in the garden we took a walk around the grounds. It’s so beautiful, there are paths that take you through the fields of sheep, pigs and chickens down towards the sea to a little beach. You can make the walk as long as you like and it was so peaceful, we really enjoyed it.


After our walk we caught a little chain ferry home before a quick change, food and a lot of cocktails. Happy birthday, Mischa!



This is my first post! How exciting.

I’m writing this from the back of the car at 7am, on my way to my brother’s graduation in Canterbury – congrats, Ben!

We’ve not long got back from a trip to Rhodes. It was my first time in Greece and I have to say, it was beautiful. Some of the views were just unreal and the food was pretty amazing too. Thinking of going? Here’s my top 10 must do things:

DSC_1012.JPG1. Lindos

Quite possibly the most gorgeous town I’ve ever been to. It’s one of those picturesque Greek towns with all the white houses next to the sea. Pretty lush. You could spend hours wandering around the little shops and popping into a rooftop restaurant or bar for a cocktail or a bite to eat. The views from these are incredible. There are a few little beaches and bays, one of them has the cutest chapel next to it where we saw quite a few weddings. You must go to or even stay in Lindos if you’re visiting Rhodes.

2. Old Town

Think cobbled streets filled with shops, restaurants and bars, all surrounded by a big old castle wall. Cars aren’t allowed and it’s just a short walk in. Here you’ll find the proper Greek shops selling traditional Greek slippers (super warm and comfy, may have bought myself a pair) and some dreamy olive wood kitchen bits. We bought a chopping board and I’m a little bit obsessed with it.


3. Eat

Literally, eat everything, everything in sight. It’s so good. THE CHEESE. Oh my, the saganaki cheese was my favourite and the halloumi was delicious too. Most of the restaurants we went to did a variety of the traditional Greek foods plus things like pastas, fish etc. I spent most of my time drinking Retsina, a super cheap wine which was actually really nice. There’s also this evil thing called Ouzo which you tend to get a shot of at the end of most meals. It’s not for the faint hearted, good luck!

4. The Acropolis

The acropolis is right at the top of a hill and it overlooks the whole of Lindos. We went here on one of our first days, I think it was about €12 to get in but it’s so worth it. You can either walk or grab a donkey taxi up! The views were incredible and we picked out a few of the restaurants that we wanted to visit from there (one called Alex’s had the best views, FYI). Try to eat just as it’s getting dark, you can see the acropolis from most of the rooftop restaurants in Lindos and it looks so beautiful when it’s all lit up at night.

5. The Water Park

This was one of the funniest days of the holiday. We had so much fun and there’s really something there for the whole family. There’s lazy rivers, wave pools, tonnes of rides from more chilled ones to stomach in your mouth drops. There’s also donuts, fresh watermelon juice and hot dogs, what more could you want? Little tip, bring some flip flops or something for your feet, the floor gets hot.


6. Boat Hire

You can hire a boat from pretty much any of the beaches on the island. The prices vary depending on what kind of boat you want. We had a little one with an engine and a roof and it was around €55 for an hour. We hired it from Lardos beach (where we stayed) and took it in turns to drive it all the way along the coast to where we could see Lindos and back. The sea is crystal clear in some parts, definitely something worth doing.

7. Butterfly Valley

So, there’s this place where there’s literally thousands of butterflies everywhere and it’s pretty cool. You walk through this valley and they’re all on the trees, flying across the river, on the plants, everywhere. We also spotted a few crabs and a lizard! It’s in the shade here so you’d think it’d be cool but it was actually v. humid and sweaty, so take lots of water!

8. Buggy Hire

Another highlight of the trip for me, we hired a buggy and drove around the island. So much fun! I loved how we could just drive around wherever, without any real plan, and just pull over every now and then when we saw something cool. We got quite a few odd looks, it was a bit of a beast. We got this from Rodos and it was a bit pricey, I think it was around €170 for the two days but it really was the best. If that’s a bit much for you then you can also hire quad bikes and moped from most of the towns.


9. Lardos

This is where we stayed and, although there’s not a lot going on in the day, it really comes alive at night and there are some brilliant restaurants and cocktail bars there. The staff were so friendly and welcoming and food was fab too. It’s quite a nice little place to stay in, it’s right by the beach and it’s just a short drive from Pefkos and Lindos, or a bus journey if you’ve not got a car. The taxis are quite reasonably priced too.

10. Pefkos

Another town with a bit more going on, in the middle of Lardos and Lindos. There’s tonnes of restaurants and bars here but like with Lardos, it doesn’t really come alive until the evening. Some of them don’t open until later on. There’s a lovely beach here and some nice cocktail bars overlooking it. There’s also some nicky nacky shops which you’ve gotta love, is there anyone that doesn’t?

Have you visited Rhodes before? Have I missed anything?